Thursday, April 23, 2009


Part 1

“Let me out!” screamed a terrified eight year old Sung Hoon. He was trapped in total darkness with four walls closing in on him. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he remembered what had happen.
He was playing hide and seek with two boys from his school. Their names were Eun Ji Won and Chu Tae Won. Sung Hoon was so happy when they invited him to join them. In school Sung Hoon was the most popular kid because his aunt was the famous actress Jung Yeh Ja but when all the excitement about her was over, he was lonely all over again. In real life, Sung Hoon doesn’t have any friends because all the other kids assumed he was too good to play with them.
“Okay,” said Ji Won. “I’’ll seek and you guys hide. 10…15…20…25…”

Sung Hoon jumped with excitement and started running to find a place to hide. He saw a refrigerator near his house. He wondered where it came from but then didn’t care because it would make a great hiding place. Sung Hoon hid for a while and then he heard Ji Won’s and Tae Won’s voices. He wondered what was going on and then he heard a noise.
“I hope you like it in there Sung Hoon!”
‘What?’ thought Sung Hoon. He tried to push open the door but it wouldn’t budge. He felt trap and started to gasp for air. He pounded on the door and screamed, “Let me out you guys!”
Ji Won just laughed. “Why don’t you ask your aunt Yeh Ja to help you? Act like you’re better than us just because she is famous.”
Sung Hoon’s heart sank. He couldn’t believe it. He thought Ji Won and Tae Won were his friends but they had tricked him. He began to cry. “I don’t act like I’m better. Please let me out.”
Tae Won began to laugh. “This will teach you to mess with us.” Then he and Ji Won left.
In the dark Sung Hoon sat and curled himself into a little ball. He was terrified. He was scared of the dark and worse, he was afraid of being alone. Then he heard a knocking.
A little girly voice called out, “Is someone in there?”
Sung Hoon stood up and banged his fists against the door. “Hurry up and let me out!”

He heard the noise of wood sliding and the door suddenly opened. Just as he saw light coming he pushed his way out. He bent over and began breathing fast because he almost ran out of air when he was inside the refrigerator. Then a pair of Mary Janes came into his view. When he looked up he saw a pair of big brown eyes staring back at him. It was a little girl in pig tails that saved him.
They looked at each other for a while and didn’t say anything. Then the girl looked down and kicked her foot into the dirt.
“Umm…what were you doing in my fridge?”
Sung Hoon looked at her and then he turned away and ran into his house, leaving the little girl staring after him.

Part 2

‘Huh? What just happened here?’ Kyung Hee thought. “Aye! I’ll never understand boys!” she screamed out loud. She was watching Sung Hoon as he ran into the house next door.
“What don’t you understand sweetie?” her grandpa asked as he came out the front porch to look for her.
“Oh nothing grampie.”
“Come here.”
He waved for Kyung Hee to come sit with him on the porch swing. She walked over to him and sat on his lap.
“Yes grampie?”
“Do you like it here?”
She nodded her head. “Ah huh. I get to be with you all the time but I’m still mad at mommy and daddy for leaving me.” She frowned and crossed her arms.
Her grandpa let out a little laugh. “Silly girl, your parents are geologists. They have to travel around the world. They can’t take you with them because you have school. Besides they’ll send you presents.”
Kyung Hee’s eyes got wide. “Presents? A lot?”
She clapped her hands. “Yay!”
Back at home Sung Hoon buried his face into his pillow and cried. Then he heard a knock on his door.
“Sung Hoonee?”
Sung Hoon quickly wiped his nose on his sleeve.

“Yes? Come in.”
Then his mother came in. “What’s wrong honey? Why are you crying?”
He shook his head. “Oh it’s nothing mommy.”
His mom looked around his room. “Where are your friends?”
Sung Hoon tried his best not to cry. “They….they went home.” His Mom hugged him. “Oh, you’re sad that they had to go home so early?” Sung Hoon held onto his mom tighter and didn’t answer. His mom thought for a while.
“Hey I know. A new family just moved in next door. An old man and a little girl.
You can go play with her. Do you want to?”
“Okay mommy.”

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Saturday, April 4, 2009


I know our love is forbidden and my love is unwanted… but I cannot ignore what my heart tells me to feel…

It has it’s own thoughts, it’s own plans… and though I know it’s not meant to be, there is always hope.

And though I know it’s not meant to be, there is always love..

It is here.. in me.. it is for you.. and you only..

I see your face, when I close my eyes.. it’s a moment that stays with me even when you’re not around…

You are my happiness… and I still do not know, how I can live without you.

I will try as I should, and I know it will be hard, because it is hard now. I don’t expect it to get easier.

If time heals all wounds, then time ticks too slow of a pace.. because my heart beats faster than this healing is taking place….

I wish I didn’t love you, then maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t feel this pain. This is the most I hate about love, that it can be so cruel.. that you love someone and expect them to love you back.. but, alas.. this is not the case…

You love.. and gamble… you take a chance.. hoping… wishing.. that the person you love will love you back… maybe, even not to the same degree that you love that person, but maybe an acknowledgment that they too have deep feelings for you..

What a mystery love is… that it can encompass so many feelings.. so many emotions… so many thoughts and actions… all involve love…

How can something so right… turn out to hurt as much as death itself.. Oh, I pity the notion, of people saying that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all….

Just the reason, that you know you are perfect for this person.. that she is your soulmate.. that you would do anything for her, even give up your life… it’s really hard for me to accept that love can be so cruel and devastating to one person…

Oh my Lord, it hurts.. it pounds, it aches.. your soul cries out in agony.. it’s as if the heavens have conspired against you.. to your demise… life is not as bright as you thought it should be.. flowers do not bloom… rainy days are normal days.. this is reality of losing your love…

No bright sunny quotes or sayings. Nothing seems to heal your wounds, these wounds will be there through the rest of your life… and rightly so, because you have loved that person, and perhaps you will always love that person… because indeed, you know that she is your soulmate…

For lack of a better definition, love is your life, without it you die. I go on living because I love you.. I do not need anything in return, because I do not seek solace, I do not seek peace. I seek only understanding that you know my true feelings.

To let you know, that the beauty of your soul has captured me. It has attacked with vicious accuracy..

And so, I end this, an end of a message to you my love. My Soulmate, my agony…

I don’t intend for you to understand, but only to let you know… that Love has found a way into my heart.. and I must live with just that.. just that love.. will keep me alive…

by:Dhiraj Mishra

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It woke him up in the middle of the night for several nights in a row so that he could hardly sleep at all. “This dream must mean something,” he thought.

And so he did what kings did back in those long ago days. He sent for his magicians, sorcerers and wisemen.

King Nebuchadnezzar sat high on his throne, and the magicians, sorcerers and wisemen stood before him. They were probably already beginning to sweat.

King Nebuchadnezzar said to them, “I keep having this dream. Tell me what it means.”

“O Mighty King, may you live forever!,” said the magicians, sorcerers and wisemen. “Tell us your dream, and we will tell you what it means.”

But King Nebuchadnezzar was a clever king.

He said to the magicians, sorcerers and wisemen, “Tell me my dream first, and THEN tell me what it means.”

Now the magicians, sorcerers and wisemen were really sweating. “How can we do that?” they said. “Tell us your dream, and then surely we can tell you what it means.”

The King said, “If I tell you my dream, how will I know you are not just making it up when you tell me what it means? Tell me my dream and what it means and I will give you all a great reward. But if you cannot, I will have you torn to pieces.”

I told you you didn’t want to disappoint a mighty king - especially one who hasn’t been sleeping well.

The magicians, sorcerers and wisemen begged the king, “But, Your Majesty, please, tell us your dream first. No one can know another man’s dreams except God alone.” At least they were right about that!

“You cannot do it?” said King Nebuchadnezzar, “Very well then.” And he ordered that all the magicians, sorcerers and wisemen in his kingdom be torn to pieces.

Wouldn’t you know it, Daniel and his friends had been appointed to the king’s court just in time to be torn to pieces. When Arioch, the chief of the guards, came for them, Daniel asked him, “Why is the king being so harsh?” Arioch explained to Daniel what had happened.

Daniel said to him, “Don't tear anyone to pieces just yet. Give me a little time, and I will tell the king his dream and what it means.”

Daniel got together with his friends and they prayed, “Dear God in heaven, please help us. Tell us the king’s dream and what it means.”

And God did just that.

That night Daniel had a vision, and in it God told him the king’s dream and what it meant.

Daniel prayed to God, 

“Praise God in heaven,
He is wise and wonderful!

He has power over all things.

He sets the time of the seasons.
He sends the rain in spring,
the hot sun of summer, the cool air of fall,
and the snow in winter.

He puts kings on their thrones.
Their power comes from him,
and he can take it away whenever he wants.

He knows all things.
It is God who makes us wise.

Even the darkest secrets
aren’t hidden from Him
because He is light.

I praise you, the God of my family.
You have made me strong and wise,
and you have answered my prayer.”

The next day Daniel appeared before the mighty King Nebuchadnezzar. He said to the king, “I can’t tell you your dream or what it means....”

“WHAT!” screamed the king, “then what are you doing here?!”

“No magician, sorcerer or wiseman can tell you your dream or what it means,” Daniel continued, “ But there IS a God in heaven who can. And he has told me what to tell you.

“In your dream you saw a great statue. Its head was made of gold, its chest was made of silver, its waist of bronze, its legs of iron, and its feet were made of iron and clay mixed together. Then you saw a stone cut from a mountain by a hand that no one could see. The stone smashed the statue, and from the stone grew a great mountain.”

“That’s it!” cried the king.

“Now I will tell you what it means,” said Daniel. “The statue with its head of gold, chest of silver, waist of bronze, legs of iron, and feet of iron and clay - these are all the kingdoms of the people on earth. Your kingdom is the head of gold. It is a great and glorious kingdom. But it won’t last forever. Another kingdom will come. It won’t be as great as yours. That is the statue’s chest of silver. After that will come the kingdom of bronze, after that, the kingdom of iron, and finally, the kingdom of iron and clay.

“But one day, God is going to put an end to all the kingdoms on earth. God will put his Holy Mountain in their place, and from there God will rule, and his kingdom will have no end.”

King Nebuchadnezzar fell to the ground.

He knew that this was a message from God. He said to Daniel, “Now I know that your God is the one, true God, the one who knows all mysteries, and the King who rules over all the kings of the earth.”

King Nebuchadnezzar rewarded Daniel with many wonderful gifts, and he made Daniel the head of all the royal advisers. Daniel asked that his friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah be rewarded also, and so King Nebuchadnezzar put them in charge of all the affairs of Babylon.

Even though they were surrounded by people who didn’t follow God, Daniel and his friends were faithful.

And God was with them.

It was a good thing, because of what was going to happen next!

------ Dhiraj Mishra

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